Floribundas & Polyanthas

The floribunda is characterized by its profuse ability to bear flowers in large clusters or trusses with more than one bloom in flower at anyone time. This class is unrivaled for providing massive, colorful, long-lasting garden displays.

The distinct advantage of the floribunda is its ability to bloom continually whereas the hybrid tea exhibits a bloom cycle every six to seven weeks. Floribundas as a class are hardier, easier to care for and more reliable in wet weather than their hybrid tea counterparts.

Polyanthas are generally smaller but sturdy plants with large clusters of small l-inch diameter blooms often used for massing, edging and hedges.

Excerpted with permission from 2017 American Rose Society Handbook for Selecting Roses, American Rose Society, copyright © 2016.

RoseTypeColorARS RatingNotes
Angel FaceFmauve7.7@
Cinco de MayoFrusset7.8@*
EuropeanaFdark red8.3@
Hot CocoaFrusset8.0@ *
Julia ChildFmed yellow8.3@ *
Marie PaviePwhite8.7
Perle d?OrPyellow blend8.5
Sexy RexyFmed pink8.5
The FairyPlight pink8.7

@ – The rose was an All-American Rose Selections winner
* – The rose is an ARS Members’ Choice winner

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