Roses in the Cheekwood Rose Study Garden

by Diane Coleman, NRS Consulting Rosarian

The Rose Study Garden at Cheekwood in full bloom.
The Rose Study Garden was established at the Cheekwood Estates and Gardens in 2015. The Nashville Rose Society and Cheekwood jointly developed the Garden primarily as a teaching tool for new rosarians, whether they are new to the Rose Society, Cheekwood members or visitors.

A variety of types of roses are planted in the garden. Because it is a hands-on teaching garden, roses are removed and new varieties added back to teach how to plant a rose. Everything a new rosarian needs to know about taking care of roses in their home garden is taught by members of the Nashville Rose Society during monthly meetings or workshops. In the spring, the roses are uncovered from their winter mulch, pruned and fed. During the growing season, they are deadheaded, fed, and watered. And in the late fall/winter they are mulched to protect them from the cold.

The list of roses in the garden change – the table below shows the roses that are currently in the Rose Study Garden.

Roses in the Rose Study Garden as of August 17, 2020

Name of Rose
SpeciesARS RatingColorRose Bed
(looking from
visitor center)
Becka Anneminiature7.7yellow blendL
Belinda's Dreamshrub8.4medium pinkL & R
Burgundy Icebergfloribunda7.6mauveR
Caldwell Pink shrubFound Rosepink blendL
Carefree Beautyshrub8.7medium pinkR
Charlotteshrub8.0light yellowL
Crescendohybrid tea7.8pink blendR
Crimson Bouquetgrandiflora7.8dark redL
Double Delighthybrid tea8.3red blendR
Double Red Knockoutshrub8.1medium redL
Dream Come Truegrandiflora7.5yellow blendR
Duchesse de Brabant (1857)tea8.5light pinkR
Fire Opalfloribunda7.7whiteR
Firefighterhybrid tea7.8dark redR
Geminihybrid tea8.4pink blendR
Gold Medalgrandiflora8.3medium yellowR
Gourmet Popcornminiature8.5whiteL
Graham Thomasshrub8.2deep yellowL
Green Rose
(before 1856)
In the Moodhybrid tea7.6medium redR
Lemon FizzshrubNot Yet Ratedmedium yellowR
Louis Philippe (1834)china8.9red blendL
Lynn Andersonhybrid tea7.6pink blendR
Marie Dalypolyantha7.9medium pinkL
Marie Pavie (1888)polyantha8.7whiteL & R
Marilyn Monroehybrid tea8.0apricot blendR
Minnie Pearlminiature8.6pink blendL
Miracle on the HudsonshrubNot Yet Ratedmedium redL
Miranda Lamberthybrid tea7.4deep pinkR
Mister Lincolnhybrid tea8.3dark redR
Moonstonehybrid tea8.3whiteR
Mrs Dudley Cross (1908)tea8.5yellow blendR
Neil Diamondhybrid tea7.6pink blendR
New Dawnlarge flowered climber8.4light pinkBldg
Old Blushclimber8.4medium pinkBldg
Perle d'Or (1875)polyantha8.5yellow blendR
Quietnessshrub8.3light pinkL & R
Rainbow's Endminiature8.5yellow blendL
Reve d'Or (1869)noisette9.2medium yellowL
Ring of Firehybrid tea7.9orange blendR
Spice chinaFound Roseblush pinkR
Sunstruckhybrid tea7.9apricot blendR
Take It Easyshrub8.0red blendL
Tennesseeminiature7.8orange pinkL
The Fairypolyantha8.7light pinkL
Therese Bugnethybrid rugosa8.3medium pinkR
Touch of Classhybrid tea8.5orange pinkR
Veteran's Honorhybrid tea8.4dark redR
You're the Oneminiature7.8medium pinkL