Shrub Roses

The American Rose Society has established a specific Shrub class to include a large, diverse group of roses, none of which predate 1867, or fit easily into the already established classes. Roses that fall into the Shrub classification are therefore not Old Garden Roses; they are grouped under the Genus Rosa under “Modern Roses.” There is considerable interest in the large and growing family of rose varieties that are grouped into the Shrub class.

The unique group of roses hybridized by David Austin (often called English Roses) belong to this class. They resemble old garden roses in shape and form but are recurrent bloomers and often have fragrance.

RoseColorARS Rating
Abraham Darbyapricot blend8.0
Graham Thomasdeep yellow8.2
Miracle on the Hudsonmedium redNew
Sally Holmeswhite8.8
Sunrise Sunsetpink blend8.2
Take it Easyred blendNew