Growing Roses Sustainably

by Cindy Worch, Nashville Rose Society member and Consulting Rosarian

Brindabell Pink Princess
A sustainable rose is grown without chemical intervention and in the most earth-friendly way. I will use organics first and only resort to chemical fungicides if necessary.​

Sustainable gardening also works in harmony with nature so not to deplete resources faster than they can be replaced. Such as water and soil.​

Only organic pesticides are used in my garden. I like to attract beneficial insects such as ladybugs. I feed the birds which will eat insects as well. A firm spray of water works wonders on aphids and spider mites. Companion plants work as well to deter bad insects.

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Rose Chat Podcast – Dr. Malcom Manners, Rose Culture and History

Dr. Malcom Manners, guest on Rose Chat podcast.
The latest Rose Chat Podcast is very informative, especially if you have ever suspected that your rose was infected with Rose Mosaic Virus.

In this episode of Rose Chat, Dr. Malcolm Manners talks about his work with Rose Mosaic Virus and the beautiful rose gardens and rose collections at Florida Southern College and their history.

After listening to this episode, it will be evident why in 2013 he was awarded the “Great Rosarian of the World” for his many years of work on rose mosaic virus disease and as an educator in the field of rose culture.

Dr. Malcolm has been teaching at Florida Southern College since 1981 and specializes in fruit production, roses, and techniques of propagation of various crops. Dr. Manners is also active in the preservation of heirloom genetic resources in roses and is a trustee of the Heritage Rose Foundation.

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Taking Care of Your Knock Out Roses

By Diane Coleman, NRS Consulting Rosarian

What are Knock Out© Roses?

Arrangement of Knock Out Roses
Knock Out© Rose is a shrub rose bred by American rose grower, William Radler in 1989, and introduced into the United States by Star Roses and Plants in 2000. It was named an All-America Rose Selections winner in 2000 and was one of the bestselling roses of the year. The rose was found to be extremely disease-resistant, drought-tolerant and ever-blooming. The ideal rose for both new and seasoned gardeners.

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