Old Garden Roses (OGR)

In 1966, the American Rose Society defined old garden roses as those types (classes) that existed prior to 1867, the year of introduction of the very first hybrid tea, ‘La France’. Within this generic definition, a number of popular subdivisions exist based on natural historical developments and characteristics. The flower form can be quartered, cupped, imbricated or expanded, reflexed, globular or compact. After an initial spring crop of blooms, some varieties may produce no more flowers the rest of the year, but their hip production does add a different kind of beauty to the garden. The beauty of the old garden roses often lies in the heavy fragrance they can impart to the garden.

RoseTypeColorARS RatingNotes
Blush NoisetteNoisettewhite8.4
Green roseChinawhite8.0**
Louis PhilippeChinared blend8.9**
Monsieur TillierTeaorange pink8.6
Old BlushChinamed pink8.8
Reve d'OrNoisettemed yellow9.2
Souvenir de la MalmaisonBourbonlight pink8.6**
Zephirine DrouhinBourbonmid pink8.1

** – The rose is eligible for Dowager Queen

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