New Book Frames the Practical How-To of Growing Roses

with Traditional Values, Step-By-Step Instructions and Heartwarming Stories


(April 15, 2023) – Rose Therapy is the first book by Ron Daniels – Master Rosarian with the American Rose Society, Master Gardener for Sumner County, Tennessee, and President of the Nashville Rose Society.

With the heart of a teacher, traditional Southern values and storytelling, Ron reveals the “bigger picture” behind growing and caring for roses: their power to bring different people together, and communicate profound emotional depth without saying a word. Ron overlays thorough, step-by-step instructions any beginner can follow, with down-to-earth stories and a brief journey into the history of roses.

Rose Therapy meets the expectation of readers on a visual subject; it’s stocked with beautiful color photos of the finest roses Ron has raised, or mentored others through cultivating. Throughout the book, Ron brings an encouraging, enthusiastic voice to all rosarians – from absolute beginners to fellow masters.

For rose enthusiasts and the people who struggle to understand them, Rose Therapy will change your thinking on the power of gardening to infuse a human life with hope, joy and meaning – while making steady progress toward the aesthetic, life-giving beauty of your own rose garden.

Readers can purchase copies at, or on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other sites where books are sold.

Paul Edwards, Emissary Publishing

Historic Christmas Freeze for Nashville Rose Society

The temperature in Nashville on December 22, 2022, was a balmy, sunny 50 degrees. By Friday, December 23, 2022 the temperature dropped to -1 degrees, marking the first time the city has seen temperatures below zero since 1996. In surrounding areas, the temperature was even lower, with windchill factors down to -17 degrees.

The frigid weather stayed around through the weekend. With temperatures not making it above freezing until Monday, Dececember 26, Nashville was at or below freezing for almost 84 hours.

The Rose Study Garden and NRS member gardens took a big hit, particularly the climbing roses. Even the RSG climbers that had some protection from the building they are attached to were severely damaged.

When Ron Daniels, NRS member from Hendersonville (north of Nashville), recently pulled back some of his winter protection to check his roses, he did find some green canes. Any Old Garden Roses, shrubs, and roses on their own root, should recover well. The roses will have to be cut back pretty low to take off the deadwood when we prune in the spring, but for now, keep your roses covered for protection. We could still have some freezing winter weather in Nashville.

Ron will discuss how to take care of your freeze damaged roses at the February 5, 2022, meeting of the Nashville Rose Society at Cheekwood. See the February meeting announcement for more details.

Roses Damaged from Christmas Freeze

Photos by Ron Daniels

Rose Chat Podcast – Ron Daniels, “Secrets to my Success with Roses”

Hosted by Teresa Byington

Nashville Public Television filming “Volunteer Gardener” in Ron’s rose garden.
On this Rose Chat Podcast episode Ron Daniels, Master Consulting Rosarian and 2020 Co-President of the Nashville Rose Society and a Rose Chat favorite, talks about his success with roses to help us be successful too. And a bonus topic… just why did PBS photographers come to his open garden. Listen to the show here.

Ron is a third generation gardener who loves and enjoys growing roses. He also shares his experience with others who have the same desire to grow champion roses and other plants and to do so successfully.

Join Chris VanCleave and Teresa Byington each week for the Rose Chat Podcast. This top rated gardening podcast explores the different aspects of roses. With topics ranging from where to plant roses, how to select roses for your garden as well as how to maintain them to achieve the garden of your dreams.

Lights, Camera, Action – Ron Daniels’ Garden on NPT July 28

On Thursday, July 28,  Ron Daniels’ Gadwall Abbey Rose Garden will be featured on Nashville PBS channel 8 (WNPT) Volunteer Gardener at 7:30. It will repeat on Sunday July 31 at 9:30am. Ron is an ARS Master Consulting Rosarian, Co-President of the Nashville Rose Society, and a Master Gardener.

Ron will showcase his garden with over 150 roses of all types with PBS host April Moore.

Climbing rose Peggy Martin

Produced by Nashville Public Television, Volunteer Gardener features local experts who share gardening advice, landscape design tips, and environmentally conscious farming practices. The show features growers, plant collectors, and hobbyists alike who share insight and experience.

This program will broadcast on all of Tennessee’s PBS stations (5 in addition to NPT) at different days and times after NPT’s Thursday premiere. On July 28, episode 3102 will be available to stream on

Volunteer Gardener airs Thursday nights at 7:30 and Sunday mornings at 9:30 on NPT, channel 8. You do not want to miss it!

As an extra bonus, listen to Ron talk to Rose Chat Podcast host, Teresa Byington, about his success with roses and why PBS photographers came to his open garden. Listen to the show here.

Cheekwood 2021 Century Star Award Presented to NRS

The Nashville Rose Society received the Cheekwood Century Star Award for providing more than 100 hours of volunteer service during 2021. Ron Daniels, Co-President of the Nashville Rose Society, accepted the award on behalf of the NRS members who worked in the Rose Study Garden during 2021.

The Nashville Rose Society members are solely responsible for maintaining the Rose Study Garden.