2023 Nashville Rose Society Annual Rose Show Results

Best of Show – Neil Diamond
The 2023 Nashville Rose Society Annual Rose Show was held on Saturday, October 14, in Massey Auditorium at at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens.

The Show classes included:
Division I – Horticulture
* Section A – Miniature Rose Challenge Classes
* Section B – Miniature Roses – Single Stem
* Section C – Large Rose Challenge Classes
* Section D – Large Rose – Single Stem
Division II – Rose Arrangements
Division III – Rose Photography

Marty Reich with her Best of Show entry, Three Roses – Neil Diamond

Marty Reich, member of the Nashville Rose Society, took away the award for the Best in Show with her entry of three hybrid tea roses Neil Diamond. In addition, Marty won Challenge Class 3 – Three Mini or Miniflora Roses with Mango Blush, Challenge Class 7 – Miniflora in a Bowl with Mango Blush, and Class 15 – English Box with Veterans’ Honor.

Ricky Lockhart, member of the Bowling Green Rose Society, won the most trophies (20), including Queen of Show with Moonstone and King of Show with Ring of Fire. Gene Meyer won Princess of Show with Mohana.

And now for the Courts!

Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora Roses Court

VarietyShown byCertificate
QueenMoonstoneRicky LockhartARS
KingRing of FireRicky LockhartARS
PrincessMohanaGene MeyerARS
Royal CourtLet Freedom RingRicky LockhartNRS
Royal CourtGeminiRicky LockhartNRS
Royal CourtDonna’s GraceRicky LockhartNRS
Royal CourtParis de Yves St. LaurentRicky LockhartNRS
Royal CourtGirls' Night OutRicky LockhartNRS

Miniature Roses Court

RoseShown ByCertificate
QueenRenegadeGene MeyerARS
KingPink PearlGene MeyerARS
PrincessPerrineRicky LockhartARS
CourtCaptivatingGene MeyerNRS
CourtArcanumRicky LockhartNRS

Miniflora Rose Court

RoseShown byCertificate
QueenFirst ChoiceGene MeyerARS
KingWhirlawayRicky LockhartARS
PrincessGarden QueenRicky LockhartARS
CourtGame ChangerRicky LockhartNRS
CourtWright TouchGene MeyerNRS

Rose Photography

Class 3-One Open Bloom, any type roseAngel FaceRita WebbBest of Class, Gold - Queen
Class 6-Creative InterpretationMixed BouquetNeil RickBest of Class, Bronze - Princess
Class 7- ArrangementJulia ChildLinda BowenBest of Class , Silver - King

Rose Arrangements

SectionClass-TitleRosesShown ByAward
Section ATraditional
Class 2-“Broken Promises”Broken PromisesLanni WebbRoyalty, Bronze
Section BModern
Class 4-“Fried Circuits”Mr. CalebLanni WebbArtist , Silver
Section COriental (East Asian)
Class 5-“Kintsugi”Francis MeillandLori EmeryEast Asian (Oriental)
Section DTable Class
Class 7-“Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk”BeverlyJanie HaganCourt of Etiquette Award
Section ESpecial Classes
Eligible for DuchessClass 10-“Rock Bottom”Easter Basket, TranquilityBarbara TaubeDuchess
Best NoviceClass 11-“Whiplash”Day BreakerLinda BowenNovice, Gold
Section FTraditional
Eligible for Mini Royalty:Class 13-“Cracked Eggs”Perrine, ArcanumLanni WebbMini Royalty, Mini Bronze
Section GModern
Eligible for Mini Artist:Class 15-“Possum on the Half Shell”Memphis KingBarbara TaubeMini Artist, Mini Gold
Eligible for Mini East Asian (Mini Oriental):Class 17-“Springing a Leak”Bridal SunblazeMary Ann HextMini East Asian (Mini Oriental), Silver

For the list of all the winners, click here.

Thanks to our Rose Show Judges!

The American Rose Society judges that give so freely of their time and resources are essential to the success of any rose show. They often travel many miles giving up their weekend time because they love roses, and they appreciate the rosarians and rose societies they serve. The Nashville Rose Society greatly appreciates our 2022 panel of judges.

Horticulture Judges
* Howard Carman – Louisville Rose Society
* Mark Nolen – Indianapolis Rose Society
* Linda Kimmel – Indianapolis Rose Society
* Mike Thompson – Holston Rose Society
* Paula Williams – Louisville Rose Society
* Barbara Taube – Nashville Rose Society

Arrangement Judges
* Barbara McFarland – Huntsville-Twickenham Rose Society
* Glenn Fuqua – Memphis & Dixie Rose Society

Photography Judges
* Paula Williams – Louisville Rose Society
* Linda Kimmel – Indianapolis Rose Society