Rose Chat Podcast – Ron Daniels, “Growing Your Rose Society”

Ron Daniels, Co-President of the Nashville Rose Society
Nashville Rose Society Co-President, Ron Daniels, is once again a guest on the popular Rose Chat Podcast, hosted by Chris VanCleave & Teresa Byington.

During the past eighteen months of the pandemic, and early on with the shut down of the Rose Study Garden at Cheekwood, the membership of NRS has grown, while many societies within ARS have struggled to maintain membership. Under the leadership of Ron Daniels and John Wendler, NRS Co-Presidents, the NRS has over 150 members.

Ron’s Personal Mission Statement:

“To grow roses and to share with others. Teach beginners rose-growing basics. Open my personal garden up to public garden tours. To continue to learn about growing roses and remain teachable. Committed to mentor and encourage others on how to care for and share roses.”

Listen to Ron’s talk, “Growing Your Rose Society” with Teresa Byington on some of the actions by NRS to grow the society.