A Year of Rose Care – Summer

A Brief Overview of Rose Care in the Summer months

Did you miss anything in the Spring?


* Be sure roses are well watered.
* Continue spray program on a weekly basis.
* Keep up fertilizer program – Epsom Salts ¼ c/bush to stimulate new basal growth.
* Give rose beds 3-4″of mulch to conserve moisture and insulate.
* Remove crossed canes and keep center of the bush open to improve air flow.
* Keep garden clean of all debris.
* Watch out for spider mites and treat with water wand or a miticide.
* Remove lower leaves and spindly growth.


* Continue spray program.
* Be sure roses are well watered.


* Continue spray program.
* Apply last application of granular fertilizer containing nitrogen if used.
* Prune for fall rose shows (keep rose bushes free of weak growth).
* Be sure roses are well watered.
* Add more mulch if needed.

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