A Year of Rose Care – Spring

A Brief Overview of Rose Care for the Spring

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* Begin a rose diary – keep track of what you have planted, what you have removed, and start logging your spray and fertilizer program.
* Plant bare root roses.

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* When working with your roses, watch out for basal breaks – a large, new shoot emerging from the bottom of your rose bush. Handle with care! these are the new canes!
* Prune roses by the end of month.

Find out about pruning established roses from NRS Consulting Rosarian, Gene Meyer here.
Want to know more? see the American Rose Society YouTube Channel – 7 Rules for Pruning Roses.

* Do first spray after pruning. Let dry and recover roses well to protect from late freezes.

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* Check and adjust the soil pH. What is pH? read Marty’s article to find out.
* Soil amendments may be added.
* Apply organic fertilizer.
* Clean up all debris.


* Complete pruning early in the month.
* Apply fertilizer on established bushes.
* Add soil amendments if not already done.
* Begin spray program.
* Water if we have less than one inch of rain per week.


* Continue spray program.
* Disbud for one bloom per stem to have larger, single blooms, especially if you plan to show your roses.
* Make sure roses have one inch of water or rain per week.
* Apply extra water and liquid fertilizer if roses are to be
shown at a rose show.

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