A Year of Rose Care – Winter

A Brief Overview of Rose Care in the Winter

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* If a rose needs to be moved, move it between now and the first of February.

Here is an article on how to transplant or move a rose.

* Cut hybrid teas back to about three feet to keep the wind from rocking the rose and disturbing the roots.
* Clean up all diseased leaves from the rose beds then spray the beds well.
* Do soil test if not already done.
* Add lime or sulfur to adjust pH to 6.5.
* Give each rose a shovelful of horse manure, mushroom compost, of
mushroom compost, or one to two cups of Mills Magic Rose Mix.
* Once we have two consecutive freezes below 28 degrees apply winter protection.
* Monitor soil moisture and continue to water as necessary.
* Clean up yard and put tools away, clean sprayers.


* Monitor the winter protection and add more if it is washed away by winter rains.
* Plan to attend the Nashville Rose Society meeting in February.
* Plan any changes in the garden – order seeds and plants.
* Join the American Rose Society.


* Spray with a dormant oil spray when temps are over 40 degrees for 24 hours to lessen the effects of insects and blackspot. Be sure to spray the underside of the leaves.
* Plan to attend Tenarky District winter workshop in 2022.
* Prune and feed David Austins and climbing roses.

For a YouTube video from American Rose Society and our friends at Heirloom Roses, watch this How to prune your climbing rose.

* Review fertilizer and spray program and inventory your supplies.
* Order needed supplies at Vendor Night.
* Dispose of outdated chemical sprays.
* If you spray your rose bushes, be sure to start just as soon as the leaves begin to come out.

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